Colorado Oil and Gas Law

Colorado Oil and Gas Law

Exploration, Development & Leasing

Lease Negotiations & Acquisitions, Division Order Assistance, and Working Interest Creation & Litigation

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Our Oil Lawyers & Gas Lawyers handle Oil & Gas Litigation and other areas of energy law, such as:

Imagine the Headache. Your family land is a mess, rusted water tank and junk left behind, petroleum spills everywhere, separator parts lying around, and rutted roads carved all through the fields. Did your lease operator leave hazardous oil and gas by-products and residue on your land? Did they 'forget' to restore your land appropriately? You need an oil and gas attorney today. Call us for a free telephone consultation. Don't let your operators abuse you or your land.

Nightmare: you have inherited some oil and gas working interests and keep getting demands from some operator to pay various pumping and operation costs. But each month, they sell 80% more oil than they claim in the monthly royalty check summary. Where is the extra oil going? There is something fishy going on. You need an oil and gas lawyer, fast.

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