Business Formaitons, Corporations & LLC's

Business Formaitons, Corporations & LLC's

Structuring New Businesses of All Types

We Can Establish Your New Business Fast...

Our business lawyers can incorporate and form your new business quickly, and usually for a flat fee. All you need is the idea and the name. We handle the drafting work and filing necessary to form your entity correctly. Our new business startup services begin with an in-depth consultation where we go over the different entities available and help you understand which one is right for your new business. Then we create and file your articles, shareholder agreements, bylaws, operating agreement, share certificates. We also give you our special 'care and feeding' memo to help in your first several months of new operations. As your incorporation lawyers, we can help you with:

We want to help you get your dream off the ground, at an affordable price. The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. flat fee formation service gives you the ability to meet with an attorney and take whatever time is needed to get a full understanding of business formation law and the formation process. It also lets you contact our attorneys without fear of hourly billing during the formation process. From the start, you will know the cost up front and can rest assured that the number you have put in your business plan for attorney formation costs stays where it is, unchanged, throughout the formation process.

Always have a Law Firm form your business! This is a dangerous, sophisticated area of Business Law.

It is very confusing. What entity is best? LLC or Corporation? Which tax status? Sub-S? LLC with an 8832? How do you document percent ownership among partners? Who has decision-making power, voting rights? Who gets what in dissolution? What about taxes? It is critical to have a business lawyer advise you specifically on each topic, after taking into account your exact legal and tax position.

Be Smart: Don't fall for cheap incorporation sites or self-filing.

Cheap "self-help" incorporation and LLC formation sites often create real disasters for you. If you are considering using a cheap incorporation service or downloading some operating agreement off the internet and 'doing it yourself', DON'T. Our litigation department thrives on cases resulting from poorly written and badly thought-out shareholder agreements. Your business is too important to risk losing simply because you wanted to make your first step a cheap step.

A Denver Business Lawyer is also ready to help you with:

As you grow, we are there to help you. Contract drafting, collections, disputes, capital raising, franchising, business expansion and more.

After forming your corporation or LLC, we can also help you negotiate the complex legal issues that are part of mergers, acquisitions, and commercial real estate law. As your business needs change, we can help you reorganize your corporation for greater tax advantage and to meet the changing needs of shareholders. In addition, our business knowledge gives us the experience to help you avoid many of the start-up issues that lead to disputes and litigation as your business grows.

Nightmare: How Come My Ex Took Half My Business and Can Now Stymie Me!

You did a self-incorporation. Or downloaded a cheap operating agreement off the net. Didn't you. That's why. We have ways of drafting LLC operating agreements which keep non-consensual transferees out of power. If anyone gets hold of your shares by act of any court against your will, you will have, as Manager, the ability to deprive them of voting power completely. This is one of the hundreds of ways in which a custom operating agreement drafted by an attorney can protect you. Be Smart. Form your business with a Lawyer.