Dissenting Shareholder's Rights

Dissenting Shareholder's Rights

Dissenting Shareholder Rights Actions

If You Object to a Merger, You Have Rights. Call Us.

The Vasilco Law Group, P.C., assists minority shareholders who prefer a cash fair market payment for their stock instead of going along with a merger they hate. We also assist management in dealing with the reverse of this situation: shareholders exercising dissenters' rights through the Colorado Dissenters Rights law. Our Dissenter's Rights Attorneys help you with:

We help make sure management treats you correctly and equitably, as the statutes demand.

Imagine: You have invested a fortune and many years into a business. Now the hotshot majority shareholder wants to merge the business with another firm he owns, which is (as usual) drowning in debt and has zero sales. He is desperate to rescue it by hook and crook, and now he's going to try...at YOUR cost. Your stock will soon be worthless unless you do something. Its a nightmare in the making. Call us. Our dissenter's rights attorneys will help you navigate and apply the Colorado Dissenters' Rights statute. We can help you get a court order requiring him to pay you fair value for your stock.

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