We Draft & Review Business Contracts

We Draft & Review Business Contracts

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Your Contracts and Business Agreements Should Be Robust.

Our attorneys provide full contract drafting and review services, often for a low flat fee. A good written agreement is at the heart of all business. When you have a contract attorney from The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. draft and analyze your agreements, you amplify your chances of business success and remove dozens of potential dangers. Most business disagreements and insolvencies derive from badly drafted (or verbal) agreements, often based on clumsy internet downloads or homemade efforts. Take it from us, drafting your own contract is about as effective as cutting your own hair. Its possible, but you may not like the result. Our contract lawyers know thousands of contract terms and provisions for use in crafting your custom business agreements. As your contract law firm, let us win your contract arguments before they even arise. Let us help you with documents such as:

Bad Contracts Can Be Your Worst Nightmare

A sales rep drafts his own exclusive sales rep agreement and spends six years building up a client base for a manufacturer. The manufacturer then poaches the best client and starts selling directly to them, without paying any commissions to the hapless sales rep. At the attorney's office, the sales rep discovers what good contract lawyers know: exclusivity clauses only prevent the manufacturer from selling directly if they specifically state that the agency is exclusive even as to the manufacturer. Otherwise, courts interpret them to mean that manufacturers will appoint no other rep but retain the freedom to proceed without reps! Your business is now critically harmed and your years of hard work are destroyed. This type of disaster can be avoided by having a solid contract drafted by a qualified attorney.

Don't Sign One-Sided Agreements! Let Us Negotiate Them For You.

You sign an agreement full of unfair terms figuring that the other side would never actually act on the unfair parts...after all, you reason, if they did unfair things, they wouldn't be in business, and everybody else is signing it without complaint. Don't be naive. If a contract gives somebody the power to really harm you, reject it and call a contract attorney to revise it. Aside from insurance agreements, there are almost no non-negotiable contracts. Everything can, and should, be fair in a contract. If your counterpart says they don't actually intend to use some particularly horrendous clause, demand that it be struck. Or better yet, call a contract lawyer at The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. to assist you. We have reviewed and litigated countless contracts. We know where the tricks are and can save you from entering a contract you later regret.

Contract lawyer services that fit your budget

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