Chinese Oil and Gas Deals

Chinese Oil and Gas Deals

What They Want, How They Do It

They Have The Money. You Have The Minerals.

Many recall the heyday of Japanese investment in America, when Rockefeller Center and Pebble Beach were bought for ghastly amounts of cash. Nobody could quite believe it, and in the end, it was a case of too much Japanese credit pushing Japanese CEO's to buy under-producing assets at disastrously high prices. In those days, they had the cash, and Americans had the harleys, ferraris, posh hotels, status-symbol golf clubs, and other lifestyle assets. They paid up, and lost, after the return on the assets couldn't support the insanely high prices and debt used to buy them. The Japanese have not recovered. Now the Chinese are here, its all the same again, but this time, it is all different.

The Chinese are not the brand-worshiping car-loving second-generation Japanese CEO's who invaded America with cash and came back penniless. No, they are the first generation wealth creators, hard-nosed and focused like a laser on precisely what they need to move ahead in the world. At the top of their list is ENERGY. China will exceed the energy use of the United States this year. It is a watershed moment in human history.

If you have minerals, the Chinese want them.

Many American families own minerals, legacies of ranches and homesteads across the prairies, from New Mexico to Wyoming and beyond. Prairies built miles above ancient dinosaur infested swamps, now turned to oil and natural gas.

Chinese companies know they must have these resources and they are gradually preparing to pay extraordinary prices to obtain them. When they come to you, know what to say. Call The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. and ask for an oil and gas attorney familiar with Chinese deals.

Most Chinese companies are buying oil and gas leases, BLM and deeded minerals, working interests and overrides for the initial benefit of showing off these assets to the asian stock markets, where they can then obtain huge capital from the issuance of additional shares and begin exploration and drilling. Their first step is to get the minerals out of your hands. This is where an Oil and Gas Lawyer at The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. comes into play. We not only negotiate the deal with them, we supervise the assignment process and add protections insuring that you get paid before they get their hands on your minerals. Call us today and discuss your Asian oil and Gas deal.

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