Business Litigation Services

Business Litigation Services

Colorado State and Federal Courts

Business Litigation is What We Do.

At The Vasilco Law Group, P.C., we litigate business matters of all descriptions, including breach of contract, fraud, securities, franchise and other types of business cases. Whether in county, district, or Federal court, or in front of arbitrators or mediators, we are willing to fight hard for you. Our Denver business litigation attorneys have years of experience dealing with commercial and business lawsuits. We have been on both sides of countless business issues and we are no strangers to the stress and intensity of hard-fought business cases. In fact, we enjoy it. Our business attorneys are intimately familiar with small business needs, including the need for economical and hard hitting litigation services. If you are facing a business litigation issue, call us.

A Denver Business Lawyer ready to fight for your rights...

When our attorneys litigate for you, they draw from our firm's experience with establishing businesses and drafting contracts, franchises, employee manuals, personnel policies, business forms, securities offerings, partnership agreements and shareholder agreements. Their experience with these 'transactional' matters give them an edge in litigation unmatched by lawyers who do nothing but litigate. Lawyers who have deep experience with setting up businesses tend to know more about how attack and defend them than do the pure litigators at other firms. This gives us and our clients an advantage against other litigators who are general practitioners without significant business law experience. Let our experience work for you.

When you need to hit back hard, come to The Vasilco Law Group, P.C.

General litigators may know their way around a courtroom and excel at objections and motions. But they have trouble with real business issues because they are usually not business owners, but rather employees in a large enterprise. They usually don't think, act or react like business people. This gives the clients at Williams Law, P.C. a critical advantage. Our attorneys have nearly all owned or operated their own businesses at one time, and they have the crucial knowledge and instincts which come from forming multiple types of businesses for clients over and over again. The attorneys who create, buy, and sell companies tend to know more about how companies work, and their vulnerabilities, than do career litigators. This is the crucial hybrid experience which can make the difference between success and defeat for your business. Our litigators can often outmaneuver opposition attorneys by playing upon the subtleties of businesses which those attorneys do not perceive, such as shareholder relations, the nerves of creditors, competition fears, acquisition of market share, board politics among directors, valuation concerns, and other nuanced areas of business lost on general litigation lawyers. Call us.