Removal Up To Federal Court

Removal Up To Federal Court

The old "Up and Out"

Why Get Out Of State and Into Federal Court?

Sued by Coors in Colorado? Live in another state? Worried about being home-teamed by lawyers and judges who all know and socialize with the Coors family? It happens all the time. Sometimes you cannot get a fair trial in the local district court because, well, people are human. If your judge and your lawyer both have kids in school with your opponent's kids, or if they are going to see each other around the country club every weekend, chances are they are not going to zealously represent you or rule strictly according to the law. This is why out-of-state litigants often desire to have cases removed out of state court and into the Federal District Court instead. It costs more and is more formal, but it is considered to be a more impartial and sophisticated venue. If your matter qualifies, i.e. the Federal Courts have jurisdiction, you can transfer it as a matter of right. Two types of jurisdiction exist, subject matter jurisdiction and diversity jurisdiction. Call a Denver business lawyer at The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. to learn the details. The first call is free.

The Up and Out Strategy

Once in Federal Court, you can try to take the next step, transferring the case from Colorado's to your home state's Federal District Court. This completes the "up and out", up to federal court, out of the foreign state and into yours. At The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. we have successfully implemented this strategy. Bear in mind that several planets must be in alignment in order for this strategy to work. First, you must not have a forum, venue or arbitration clause in your contract. Second, it helps to have no choice of law provision. Then, you must be able to show that your state has a greater interest in the subject matter of the suit and that the Colorado party 'reached out to you' in your State, called you first, came to you, signed the contract in your state, and not vice versa. When these facts exist, the "up and out" strategy is viable and you should consider it. There are deadlines, however, so act immediately if you are contemplating an up-and-out. Give us a call; the first is free, so you have nothing to lose. We want to speak with you.