Firm Philosophy

Firm Philosophy

Our Philosophy is Different.

Most firms traditionally had one office and dozens of lawyers in it. When you called, you got a secretary. Reaching an attorney was hard or impossible until several people had 'vetted you out'. When you hired them, you met with a senior lawyer who romanced you but had junior lawyers do the legal work, with unlicensed 'paralegals' doing the real drafting and hard work. These people would need to keep in touch with the attorneys, who in turn would update each other, generating huge internal billings for all the communication. This way of doing business is, in our opinion, wasteful and wrong.

Call Up, Get an Attorney.

When you call us, the senior attorneys either answer the phone personally (often the head of the firm answers the phones!) or you are directed to them automatically, whether you sound like you have a case or not. The typical client will call and get Mr. Vasilco himself, the head of the firm and top lawyer, on the first call. According to most firms, that's backwards. You're supposed to talk with peons first. Not here. When you call, you get the best Denver business lawyer as fast as possible.

Get Handed Off to an Even Better Attorney.

When Mr. Vasilco assigns an attorney to your matter, it is invariably someone with even more experience than he has, the average attorney having something like 25 years experience. Again, this is backwards. Most firms assign your matter to someone with LESS experience than the head attorney. We think it makes more sense our way.

Contractors Instead of Associates.

The industry norm is to have partners and associate attorneys, with fixed salaries and some incentive pay. This creates huge pressure for billing, since the firm must squeeze clients in order to pay these fixed costs. We think this is crazy. This is why we have a high percentage of independent contractors who work with us compared to salaried attorneys. In the old days, these may have been called 'of counsel' attorneys. More recently, they are called contract lawyers. Sometimes we refer to them as 1099 attorneys. Since we only pay them when you need them, you save money, and we can have a greater geographical and subject matter reach than otherwise.

Corporation Instead of Partnership.

Many clients only want to deal with a name partner at the firm and not with an associate. In the old days, law firms were partnerships, so these terms 'partner' and 'associate' made some sense. Not anymore, and not for us. We are a corporation with shareholders. No partners of any type. The owner is not a partner. Weird according to last century. Normal now. So do we have associates? Depends on the definition. Wal-Mart calls all employees associates. The bar association has a hunch it means salaried attorney without ownership in the firm, but don't bet on them knowing precisely the meaning. We retain the term and when we use it, we mean a junior attorney of the lowest level, for instance someone fresh out of law school, who works with us more or less regularly. If they are a 1099 contractor, we probably won't refer to them as an associate, but only because we don't know for sure if the Bar Association would agree with the characterization.

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