Firm History

Firm History

Welcome to The Vasilco Law Group , P.C. History Page

Our law firm started when Mr. Michael Williams commenced practicing law in 2002. It was originally named the law office of Michael C. Williams, taking the form of a sole proprietorship. Mr. Williams started as a Denver business lawyer focusing on business transactional law, using his experience from the import export industry through the 1990's as a primary source for understanding and satisfying the legal needs of small business clients. Mr. Williams is a businessman and intuitively gets what businesses want when it comes to a lawyer.

The firm was formed into an LLC in 2005 and started expanding its activities into areas such as California and New York, where the firm began pilot offices, staffed by local part-time 1099 lawyers and local Colorado attorneys with licenses to practice in other States. Williams Law, P.C. briefly used facilities in Fort Collins, CO and Boulder, CO, but closed these after clients indicated the preference of simply driving to the headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

California State regulations required establishment of a professional corporation, as LLC's cannot practice law in that State. Thus, M. C. Williams & Associates, PC was created as a sister firm, especially for California legal operations. In 2008, the firm commenced operations in Washington State, using the old H.Q. Global office on 5th in Seattle. Mr. Paul McVicar served as the local in-state attorney handling some of the firm's work there, particularly in fiscal 2009. By mid 2009, Mr. Williams himself received his license as a Washington State attorney. By 2012, we phased out our Seattle presence and shifted Washington related work to our home office as we wind down Washington State matters in order to focus primarily on Colorado.

Third quarter 2008 saw the LLC merge into the PC (much to the anguish of the accounting department, which heroically merged the books in time for 2009 normalcy.) The firm also streamlined its name to Williams Law, P.C. This simplified certain tax filings and avoided the need for twin sets of various vendor contracts among the firms. It also resolved some State regulatory differences governing the restrictions of advertising under multiple firm monikers, and conflicting State definitions of the term Associates. The reformulation into Williams Law, P.C. has also eliminated billing confusion for clients hiring the firm for multiple jurisdictional tasks.

In Manhattan, Williams Law, P.C. first began operations out of the imposing old building at 48 Wall St., but disliking the service at the H.Q. Global facility there, and hating the cumbersome security procedures required by the lobby staff following 9/11, the firm moved things to the midtown address at 405 Lex, the Chrysler Building. By 2010, this spot had been little used by the local Manhattan 1099 attorneys hired to assist with city matters, who preferred to meet clients at their own locations throughout Manhattan. Accordingly, Williams Law, P.C.'s New York operations were taken up to the apartment Mr. Williams uses in the upper East Side, at the Carlyle. New York is now technically a 'home office'. Since 2011, the firm has stopped taking New York matters and plans to wind down this office in order to focus on Colorado matters.

California legal ops were started at the wonderful 499 Canon building in Beverly Hills, as early as 2005. Mainly used by Mr. Williams when in town, this executive suite site with its own parking and a Japanese style garden on the roof level was a favorite among the locations used by Williams Law, P.C. The Canon building presence was kept for most of the following four years, until clients and local lawyers both indicated that the great distances between Orange County, Riverside, and San Fernando Valley made the spot less than convenient. We then closed it and fell back on the HQ Global facilities throughout the L.A. basin area, opting out of the seemingly antiquated Barrister system. Los Angeles issues have often been handled by our local 1099 lawyers or by one of our California licensed lawyers in Colorado when available. Since 2010 we have been winding down our California activities and during 2012 we closed out our California operations entirely, in order to focus on Colorado, our home office.

As of January 1, 2014, Mr. Williams is no longer active in the practice of law, choosing to focus instead on his investment company and other businesses. Mr. Williams chose Patrick Vasilco to carry on the firm's service and values, which he strives to achieve on a daily basis.

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