Attorneys At The Vasilco Law Group, P.C.

We have both w-2 attorneys who work for us full time and 1099 contractors who assist us with specialized areas. We strive to bring this group of professionals together seamlessly to assist with all aspects of your legal matters. Following are many of our lawyers. Some remain unlisted.

Patrick Vasilco

Mr. Vasilco is the managing attorney/owner of our firm. He focuses on overseeing commercial litigation, arbitration, business formations, franchises, contracts, and business disputes of all natures. Mr. Vasilco combines rare talents for amicable resolution with hardcore business litigation skills.

T. J. Carney

Mr. Carney is a legendary Denver lawyer who has been among the best lawyers in the city for decades. Not one to be toyed with, T.J. has the firepower and experience necessary to break down even the toughest litigation opponents. Whether it is a tricky deposition, a complex set of pleadings, or defending against another lawyer's trial-by-ambush tactics, T.J. is an attorney you want on your side. Mr. Carney is a part-time w-2 attorney for us in Denver.

Nevin Seeger

Mr. Seeger is the Denver branch's attorney for business matters which have elements of commercial litigation, including business disputes, breakups and dissolutions, franchise law and other tricky "hybrid" issues which often crop up in business litigation contexts. His 35+ years of experience make him a valuable asset to our clients, and a formidable opponent to their adversaries. Mr. Seeger is particularly adept at dealing with the complex issues which so often crop up in business litigation. In his spare time he is also a gifted woodworker and firearms safety instructor. Mr. Seeger is a contract attorney, of counsel under 1099, and a valuable member of our litigation team.

Information on our other attorneys provided upon request. Just ask.

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