Suing the Wealthy

Suing the Wealthy

Different Than You Think.

Relative Wealth of Litigants Matters, But...

It may matter less than you think. Most people assume that the rich have advantages in court. This is only sometimes the case. In a complex case where the law is not clear, they have an advantage, since they can afford to pay lawyers to sift through mountains of evidence, compile it in compelling ways, and exhume decrepit precedents and polish up the whole thing for a judge or jury.

On the other hand, the wealthy are at a disadvantage when they are clearly in the legal wrong regarding a contract with an attorneys' fees clause. This is because they stand to eventually lose and be on the hook for more than just the damages, but also the other party's attorneys fees. The wealthy rarely have squirreled away assets in Bermuda or the like, as such can land them in jail and they normally know they are under special I.R.S. microscopes. Typically they do not arrange their affairs to thwart a judgment. This is unlike the middle class deadbeat, for instance, who may have placed all his assets in his sister's name with a secret agreement to re-convey once the danger has cleared. The truly rich almost never hide assets or engage in fraudulent transfers like this. They are simply too well organized, too well advised by professionals, and too careful about their money and assets to risk them through this kind of subterfuge. They are therefore more likely to pay a judgment they actually owe than to dig in and fight. Thus, their wealth should not always be viewed as an obstacle to prevailing against them in every situation. Call a Business lawyer in Denver to discuss your case if you think your adversary's wealth looks like an obstacle.

Stubborn But Flexible

You may encounter the paradox of the stubborn but flexible tycoon. Self-made men are notoriously stubborn and hard headed. After all, they have risen from poverty on the strength of their own opinions and hard work. And yet, for all the bluster and anger they spew out when dealing with a lawsuit, they often turn out to be extremely pragmatic and flexible. Economics and long range objectives may have a firmer hold on them than even their animal passions. This occurs again and again in our practice. The wealthier litigant often is the angrier, but more reasonable, party. The least reasonable continues to the the domestic relations litigant, who sues over wounded pride and has little or no money.

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