Non Compete And Non Solicitation Agreements

Non Compete And Non Solicitation Agreements

There Is A Difference!

Can You Compete Or Not?

Many clients come to us asking for a Denver Business Lawyer to represent them in a matter involving a covenant not to compete, or a "non-compete". One of our first questions is whether it is a non-compete, or rather a non-solicitation covenant. There is a big difference and it is crucial.

Agreements not to compete are often, but not always void under Colorado Statute. But in the event of a non-solicitation agreement, such rules may not even matter. Here's why. A non-solicitation clause prohibits a person from proactively contacting a customer or client, but not from competing in other ways. If your former company's client contacts you, for instance, instead of the other way around, this does not violate a non-solicitation agreement.

The Wording Is Crucial

If you are facing a noncompete or nonsolicitation issue, call us. We will need to know the precise language used, so be ready to read the clause to us over the phone (don't fax it or email us a contract unless we ask you to.) We have experience litigating these issues and are ready to help you with yours. Call us today!

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