Mrs Fields Cookies Franchise Review & Counsel

Mrs Fields Cookies Franchise Review & Counsel

Legal counsel for prospective and current franchisees

Franchise Review & Litigation

Interested in becoming a Mrs Fields Cookies franchisee? Let a business lawyer at The Vasilco Law Group assist you with review of the complex FDD and other documents you will be asked to sign. A franchise is a complex and life-changing investment. Call us for a free discussion of your needs before you sign any franchise documents. Our review services are quick and economical.

Failure in franchising often comes from incompletely understanding the initial franchise offering and the scope of what is really included (or excluded). Many are surprised by the ability of franchisors to take various actions which are, in fact, cryptically disclosed in the franchise agreement and FDD. Let us take some of the guesswork out of the process with our review services. You'll be glad you called.

Franchise Disputes

Even the best franchisors can make mistakes or fail to meet the requirements of the franchise agreement. Especially when large, franchisors do not always know or police what occurs on the individual level in far-flung sub-markets across the country. Disputes are therefore natural and normal. If you believe you have an issue with your franchisor, call us for a free discussion by phone. We want to hear from you. If we can shed light on your circumstances, we will, right then and there. If answers require review of your documents, we handle such work at our hourly fees, but often we can provide a flat fee quote for your convenience.

Mrs Fields is moving their corporate headquarters to Colorado. This means future venue and choice of law may end up being Colorado. Having worked in the franchise sector as Colorado Franchise lawyers, we stand ready to assist with most all aspects of your potential franchise dispute.

Call a Denver business lawyer at The Vasilco Law Group, P.C. today for your free telephone consultation.