Mineral Lease Law

Mineral Lease Law

Surface Use Issues

Surface Ownership and its Perils

Before executing any oil and gas lease, take note. If you are the surface owner, there are far more things you need to worry about (and can get paid for) than those who own merely the minerals without any surface. Contact a Business lawyer Denver attorney today and discuss these tricky elements BEFORE executing any lease.

The details relating to your surface are critical. Oil and Gas companies can easily destroy your crops, ruin your bridges, foul your water, render your fields hard or impossible to irrigate, or make conditions unsafe for your grazing animals. Oh, and did we mention how they can ruin your home?

Surface Damage Agreements

Protection requires a surface lease, sometimes referred to as a surface damage agreement. This contains many pages of protections...far more detail than you find in an oil and gas lease. These issues can and must be dealt with before executing the main mineral lease.

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