Mediation Representation

Mediation Representation

Mediation has its uses...and abuses.

Mediation Is Often Non-Binding.

Many believe that mediation results in some kind of judgment or verdict, or an order. It doesn't, at least not usually. It is a cooperative process where disputants meet and see if they can work out a settlement without the need of litigation. A third party neutral (the mediator) supervises and structures the talks so that things remain peaceful and the process moves forward as smoothly as possible. The mediator is not a judge and does not issue any order. The mediator also cannot punish anyone or issue injunctions. They are simply there to facilitate formal settlement discussions.

The mediator is a third party neutral, meaning they do not take one side or the other, and they have no stake in either side of the debate or controversy. They merely are paid to direct the process and lend formal structure to negotiation talks.

Business Lawyers Help You Mediate.

Mediation, although non-binding, consists of making well-crafted arguments and offering solid evidence and rebuttals, just like other legal proceedings, in order to place the correct emphasis on the real facts and impel adversaries to note their weaknesses and desire to settle. This is the realm of the attorney, and a good business lawyer can be invaluable during the mediation process. Your lawyer can help you make your best argument and also let you know when the other side is citing incorrect law or obviously bluffing.

If you are considering mediation and desire legal services, call us today for a free phone consultation. It is not litigation, but a good business lawyer is still invaluable.

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