Philosophy of Law for Business Law

Principles of Philosophy Underlying Our Practice.

As business lawyers practicing in the Denver, Colorado area, we rely on a bedrock of jurisprudence when we approach any business dispute. Although many attorneys may practice without any explicit reference to theory, we are proud of our intellectual roots. We base our practice on the principles of contract law as summarized by Williston on Contracts rather than Corbin, for example. We take Blackstone's Commentaries as our source for the theoretical underpinnings of our contractual interpretations. Our commerce clause referents include Kent's Commentaries. We maintain Aristotle's arithmetic justice to be the bedrock of our litigation department's ideology. For us, the law is sacred, and as your lawyers, we want you to know the sources of jurisprudence which underpin our professional practice of law and our handling of commercial and business law matters.

Law and Economics. What It Means To Your Case.

Richard Posner is the intellectual leader of the "law and economics" movement, which has its roots at the University of Chicago. The movement supposes that an economic reason underlies every (or most) legal doctrines. While this may or may not be the case with all law, it is certainly true in the fields of contract and business law. The law merchant, labor codes, tax regimes and business tort fields are each intrinsically economic in origin, design and effect. Public policy in these areas revolves around capitalism and the concerns of each element of of production, each 'stakeholder' in modern parlance. For you as a business litigant, this means a strong public policy argument may support the claims and theories of your case, one which is overwhelmingly convincing when it comes to influencing the trier of fact. At The Vasilco Law Group, P.C., we pay attention to these jurisprudential factors. In fact, we love them.

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