Colorado Appellate Lawyers

Colorado Appellate Lawyers

Taking the next step

Appealing Your Judgment.

Trial courts make mistakes. It is not a rare thing. When they do, an appeal can make legal sense. Appellate procedures allow you, as the losing party at trial, to make a higher court aware of the legal mistakes or abuses of discretion which may have occurred in your case. If you prevail in the appeal, the case can be remanded (sent back) to the trial court with orders to reconsider the matter based on the appellate court's instructions. If you are interested in appealing your case, call a Denver Business Lawyer at The Vasilco Law Group, P.C., and do so very quickly. Do not wait even one more hour, as timeliness is critical in order to preserve your rights to appeal.

Beware, however, as most appeals fail. It is a well know fact that the majority of appeals do not succeed, but rather the trial court's opinion is simply sustained. This is because many people appeal merely because they dislike the trial court outcome, not because they can find any actual error in the trial judge's opinion or application of the law. Such emotional and knee-jerk appeals clog the system and create a backlog of merit-less appellate cases. Keep in mind that appeals relate to mistakes of law and abuse of judicial discretion. For the most part, they are not a chance to retry the case.

There Is A Deadline, So Call Us Immediately.

Do not wait. Engage an attorney immediately for your appeal. It is imperative to act quickly because your appeal rights expire if you do not appeal within the deadline required by the State of Colorado.

Appeals are expensive, so be prepared. There is no way to predict the costs of an appeal, therefore, you will want to have funds available and set aside for the appellate work. It is prudent to raise the money and keep it in liquid funds even before your attorney asks you for additional retainer replenishments, so that your matter will not be interrupted. In the event you cannot make retainer payments as the matter progresses, the Denver Business Lawyers at Williams Law, P.C. will likely resign and this can badly impact your situation, as you will need to retain new counsel at great expense mid-matter. It is true that a court can require a lawyer to keep working even if you don't pay them, but courts regularly allow attorneys to resign and only force them to stay on in certain circumstances. Please therefore consider the financial side of the appeal carefully before engaging in this kind of costly legal dispute. Be monetarily prepared to win.

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